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Hydroponic Cultivation

Hydroponic growing enables you to grow your plants all year round using growing media, nutrients and water instead of soil. Plants grow faster, bigger, are more productive and can be harvested earlier. If you have limited outside space, we can provide all you need to garden successfully indoors. Hydroponic growing is becoming more popular in the UK and elsewhere with people setting up small hydroponic tent systems indoors to cultivate anything from fruit and vegetables to specialist flowering plants. Plantwell Hydroponics can supply all your hydroponic equipment and consumable supplies at great prices.

Quality hydroponic brands at quality prices

We stock a full range of hydroponics products from major manufacturers such as Hydro Garden, Dutch Pro, Canna, BIOBIZZ, Plant Magic, HESI, House & Garden, Century, Secret Jardin, Rhino, Fresh, RVK, Tornado and many others to meet all your requirements. From growing media and nutriants to tents, lighting and ventilation we can supply everything you need. We supply complete hydroponic starter kits, lighting and ventilation systems and everything else you need to set up a new hydroponics system or expand an existing one. And of course we also stock pots in a wide variety of shapes and sizes!

We're here to help

Whether you are a beginner starting out in hydroponics or an experienced grower, we are always willing to offer help and advice.

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Plantwell Hydroponics - suppliers of a full range of hydroponics equipment from complete starter kits, grow tents and pot systems, to lighting, ventilation, propagation and irrigation equipment specifically designed for the hydroponic grower. We supply a full range of growing media, feeds and nutrients from the best hydroponics brands.